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Two Different Kinds of Magic | An Update on the Clements Family

So…it’s been too long since we’ve posted here. Life! What can you do?

We posted this on Facebook a while ago, but we are adding a new member of the Clements tribe to our family this coming February. A beautiful little girl named Sully Jones is growing in Kristi’s belly and she has already stolen our hearts!

In light of this news, some people have asked us, “So, are you still adopting?”

And our answer is, “Of course!” We have never viewed adoption as Option B for our family, and we are pursuing it as much as ever. We are overwhelmed with gratitude that God chose to bless us with a biological child during the adoption process, and even more so by the fact that the timing of this pregnancy does not slow down our adoption process at all.

So in the time period (the next 2-ish years) where we thought we’d be welcoming one child into our family, we’ll be welcoming two.

He is gracious indeed.

Things have been super busy as we prepare for a rapidly expanding family. We’ve been doing TONS of paperwork to finish up our adoption dossier & proceed to the next step, while at the same time working to prepare a nursery (did you realize just how close we are to February?).

In the past we’ve talked about how pregnancy and adoption are two different kinds of magic. People talk frequently about the miracle of pregnancy, the awe of a growing belly, and it is magical indeed. It is breathtaking how our Creator has fashioned us.

And while talked about less, adoption is just as breathtaking, just as beautiful–a miracle in itself and a moving picture of how Jesus has adopted us. Every time we get to hang out with our friends Travis & Ashley and their adorable new daughter Lottie, we leave almost in tears because of how good and faithful God is.

Kids are always a gift and life is always a miracle. Every smile, giggle, tear, and even every poopy diaper. It’s all a gift and it’s all magic and we could not be more grateful to be walking both of these roads, accepting both of these gifts. We don’t deserve any of the gifts that our Father gives, but He loves to give them nonetheless.

We covet your continued prayers for our family. For:

  • The remainder of the pregnancy to be healthy, for Sully to meet the world as a healthy baby in February.
  • For the adoption process (estimated 2 years out before finalization) to move quickly.
  • For our either unborn or very young child in Ethiopia whom we do not yet know.
  • For the salvation of both children on the way.
  • For adoption fundraising as we continue the process.

Thanks, we love you all and are beyond thankful for your support and prayers.


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