My deep gladness.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” Frederick Buechner

I’m not very brave. There, I said it. I second-guess a lot of what I do; I don’t make rash decisions; I barely do anything on a whim and I think through every major decision like it will kill me if I get it wrong.  With adoption, I’ve felt a sense of peace and a knowledge that did not cause me to act like my normal wishy-washy self. Sure, I second-guessed timing and asked God to be so clear about 1 million times. But, there was this deep sense that I just knew this was it for our little family. 

Last November, we gave our closest friends a card to share the news that we were adopting.  The card read something along the lines of: “Somewhere in a far away land, there is a birthmom who will carry a baby. Through adoption, that Little One will find his/her family here, with us. That Little One will be our Little One. We are adopting from Ethiopia!” As I wrote that to each of my closest friends, I knew the Lord was saying, “This is true, Kristi, this is a part of your story. Your love for kids, especially orphans, meets here with a need in Ethiopia. These two worlds collide in a redemption story.” 

Yes, I needed to be brave and do what the Lord called us to do. But, the Lord gave me a calling that I dearly love.  So many people have already said things along the lines of “what a great thing you guys are doing!” and yes, adoption is a great thing.  I echo the thankfulness to adoptive families around the world, because it’s tough stuff.  But, it’s not a great thing or just a brave thing that adoptive parents do.  I don’t feel like I just “have to do this because God told me to.”  We aren’t rescuers; we, in fact, have been rescued by a great God that allows us to live the dream as we grow in Him. My deep gladness will be found in becoming a mother to our child. God gifts me my deep gladness! 

We are just rejoicing over here in the Clements’ household.  We celebrated my brother’s wedding this weekend and I can’t wait to see my Little One cutting a rug with my family at future weddings.  We are almost finished with our Homestudy process (just one more appointment!) and we are a day closer to knowing and loving on our little peanut!  We thank you for your love, support, emails, prayers, cards, financial help, and spreading the word to others to pray for us, as well.  We can’t describe our gratitude to you all.  We’ll keep you updated!

Benefit Show: June 8th

Hi, everyone! Kristi here. I first want to thank you for the messages, comments & texts congratulating us. We had so much fun last week watching people get excited with us! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Encouraging words are like gold to us in this season. Thank you.

We have our first fundraiser coming up in June! I wanted to go ahead and get everyone to mark their calendars! We are going to have a Benefit Show at Midtown’s Devine Street campus on June 8th. Musical guests will be: Ashley and Travis Wright, Tom Walsh & soon-to-be Kimberly (Baston) Walsh, and Jay Hendricks.

The Wright’s are some of our closest friends who just happen to be in the waiting season to adopt a little one! Tom, Kim and Jay all lead worship at our church and every, single person that will be on stage that night are all amazingly talented. We will also have a family that has adopted from Ethiopia tell their “gotcha day!” story. (The Gotcha Day is the day that you meet your kiddo for the first time in person.) We’d love to have you all…it will be such a good show!

When: June 8th
What: Benefit Show (music + refreshments + a little “gotcha day” story)
Where: Midtown Devine St Campus @ 2925 Devine St Columbia, SC 29205
Who: You, your friends, your family, your co-workers…invite anyone that likes good music!

We will take donations at the door and 100% of those proceeds will go toward adoption fees to bring our little one home!

Here’s the Facebook event page. It’s public and anyone can join, invite others, and share.

THANK YOU again for all you’ve done so far to encourage us, support us, and pray for us. I am so stinkin’ excited!